How to Use iWallet

To play CryptoNinja for IOST, you need to create an IOST account.

First, let’s install official iWallet Chrome extension.

↓ Install here.

After the installation, you can find this black icon on the top right corner of your Chrome.

Let’s move on to creating your IOST account.

Go to this page(

Top page is like this.

Find and click “Wallet” on the top right corner and choose “Create Account For Free”

Then, this page shows up.

In this page, follow this process.

  1. Tick the box “Auto Generate”.
  2. Then, random PubKey will be automatically generated.
  3. Type your new Account name.
  4. Make sure that you are not a robot, and click “CREATE ACCOUNT”

If the procedure is successfully done, you will be sent to the page showing your Account name and PrivKey.

(*Warning*)Never let anyone know your private key, ever.

Next step is to import your IOST account into your iWallet.

Push the black IOST logo on Chrome added before.

Then , this small window shows up.

If import succeeds, you will find a window like this.

(This is a test net account so it’s green. You should see an orange “MainNet” instead. )